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This family inherited a cabin over 100 years old, with amenities to match. Thanks to Design Associates the cabin is now a fully equipped retreat with sleeping space for the whole family. Transform any old property into a wonderful vacation home when you trust the experts at Design Associates, we'll bring out its classic inner beauty while we give it a full array of modern comforts.

Transform an old cabin into a modern retreat

Add value and saleability to a property that may be worth more for its location than for the building. Make an investment in a flexible property.

The remodeled veranda offers a modern touch based around original hitching posts. The kitchen features a classic farmhouse sink dating to the 1800's. Not original to the property, but it keeps that classic cabin feel.

Integrating and transforming the old

Check out the super efficient modern kitchen we've managed to include. With hot and cold running water and plenty of cook space you can feed the whole family without much effort. Elsewhere on the property we built a bath house with colorful, handcrafted Mexican tile sinks. That tile design echoes the patchwork quilts on the six beds custom built to fit in the attic room.

Modern luxuries

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